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Wow is the most common reaction to this service, includes a consult, colour tint & sculptured shape
BROW WOW - Pure Eyebrow couture is the art of shaping/sculpturing and tinting/colouring the brows to define the brow and frame the eyes 
This service time can be added to any of the other treatments to create a combined session

Brow Sculpture & Colour      30mins           Eyelash Tint                                             15mins

Brow Sculpture only              15mins          Eyebrow & Eyelash Tint                            30mins                                                                       
                                                                                   Brow Colour only                   15mins          Brow Wow PLUS: a Trio of 3 services       30mins
Or, you can have your eyebrows groomed as an individual service for the following price:
Brow Sculpture & Colour   40    Brow Sculpture only   30      Brow Colour only    20     Eyelash Tint      30     Brow&Lash Tint    40       Trio      50