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Magnetic Jewellery

ENERGETIX  Magnetic Jewellery combines the health-enhancing effect of Magnetic Therapy with the classical elegance of fashion jewellery and accessories. Whether in stainless steel, pure copper, pearl or sterling silver, ENERGETIX products appeal to women and men of all ages.  It is plated in high-quality gold or rhodium and easily combines with other ornamental jewellery.

The efficacy of a magnet depends on its strength and polarity. Each item contains one or more neodymium magnets with a strength of around 1200 gauss (0.12 Tesla) and are worn with the north, or negative pole facing the skin.  The most important physiopathological mechanisms to explain the power of magnets is that they improve micro-circulation so that an increased distribution of oxygen and nutrients to cells takes place and wastes are carried away more efficiently (1). There is also evidence that magnetic power promotes the release of cortisol, an anti-inflammatory agent, and thus pain relief reduced (2), and can inhibit the flow of energy in the pain channels, significantly reducing the brains perception of pain (3).  Many of the Energetix pieces also have a copper component which has been used extensively to help sufferers of arthritis and rheumatism. 

Magnetic therapy is a safe natural means of alleviating pain and discomfort from a wide range of ailments including fractures, insomnia, numbness, hypertension, headaches, painful menstruation, arthritis, asthma, painful joints, whiplash, circulatory issues, tennis elbow, tendonitis, anxiety, tinnitus.

According to Energetix, magnetic energy is a strong additional argument to anyone who values health and wellness, and that is exactly what destination sunshine cove is all about..... safe practical solutions for self treatment towards better health and well being.  You can view items and read more about this beautiful range of jewellery, body magnets and wellness tools at

Orders can be emailed to me via the contact page, I also have a small collection that I wear daily... ask when you're in for a treatment and I will share my story.

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