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Micro-skin needling with the Lira clinical range

Age Defying or Corrective Facials - This treatment group is designed with a sharp aesthetic mind and an experienced hand depending on your concerns and skin conditions.  Various modalities are used including microdermabrasion, clinical peels, correctly weighted hyaluronic acid or vitamin infusions, light therapy and dermal micro-needling techniques**.

Lira Clinical is the product of choice, using 10 different plant cells and peptides, Vit C and Retinol to create a bright, healthy skin . 

                                                                               30mins  60mins  75mins   90mins

**Dermal micro-needling  is priced as a 90mins session


Skin Therapy is available in both Clinical & Luxury options

Luxury Facials - these are the timeless breed of classical and therapeutic facial treatments individually tailored using the luxurious Vagheggi ranges most suitable for your skin type, condition, opulent enjoyment and your mood.  The Vagheggi range includes Rehydra for intensive moisturising, Delay - to firm and fight the first signs of aging, 75.15 - a perfect synergy of actives that work to increase synthesis of fibroblast proteins, the Lime range that energises cells and uses Vit C to anti-oxidise and brighten, and the brand new Intense selection created to protect against digital aging (blue light emitted by electronic devices).  Each one of these ranges has a finely tuned sequence and treatment technique to provide                                                                                       maximum  benefit, comfort and results.                       30mins    60mins    75mins   90mins